Carpet Cleaning

The daily use of carpets and rugs strain the fibers. Debris such as sand , crumbs and other everyday dirt rub the fabric on through every step.

For years, we clean carpets for specific and biocompatible work processes aimed exactly according to the degree of soiling and profile.

Scotchgard impregnation environmentally sound cleaning methods Eulan Moth Protection non-slip coating comprehensive repairs with no hidden costs.

In the preview looks for errors , stains and Versporungen. They will be removed in the so-called spotting and cleaning.

Analyzing the degree of contamination to determine the cleaning profile and the precise determination of the detergent. In machine tapping the loose and loose dust and dirt particles are removed . With high-performance vacuum cleaners , the carpet is sucked deep into the fiber core.

Soak the carpet with water and an environmentally friendly detergent. The shampooing soaks through to the core and the first node to be solved. For special cases, we apply a node laundry Persian type . After a wash Frans around the node and pollution in the ends it`s loosen.

With clear water, the carpet is now thoroughly rinsed. Then the carpet with the centrifugal force and about 1200 revolutions per minute is thrown.

Depending on the type of carpet, the carpet is left afterwards to dry on the rod or is stretched in the drying chamber . In both cases, gently operating drying methods are used. Now Aufbürstung is applied carefully on the carpet.
Then the final inspection and delivery is to your home.