10 tips for care of Faucets Part2

6. Gentle alternatives.

One can in the bathroom a little quiet time rumtesten , but only with mild detergents such as conventional soap. Sometimes just from a mild detergent to remove light dirt on the faucets. Then just polish with a soft cloth – and everything shines again .

7. Also clean inside.

When the water has stopped boiling evenly , this may be a sign of calcifications inside the fittings. Therefore, one should expand its fittings once or twice a year, with a special calcium-dissolving, which is normally used for coffee or tea maker.

8. Always rinse with clean water.

After treatment with cleaner should always be properly rinsed with clean water , so that the last residues are removed . Then dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots.

9. Follow usage instructions.

With enzyme detergents it should always keep the instructions for use in the eye. On the back of the package you will find information on the cleaning agents and contact time. To protect the valves , one should pay particular attention to the exposure time and dosage .

10. Use special cleaners.

To clean the valves gently and treat are on the back of each cleaner manufacturer’s instructions . There is also listed, if the cleaning agent is suitable for bathroom fittings. For surfaces such as stainless steel, there are special stainless steel cleaner in which the active ingredients were exactly complementary to the respective surface to facilitate cleaning, but do not attack the surface.